Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Inaugural NEST+m Team Tournament Results and Pics!

On Feb 9th, NEST+m hosted its first scholastic team tournament.  Inspired by the US Amateur East Team tournament, 16 teams competed against one another for this fun event.  In addition to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners in each section, prizes for Best Team Spirit, Best School Team and Perfect Score were also awarded.

Prize Winners: 
1st Place 1100+ -Black MaChin3 (Rhys Black, Oliver Ma, Matthew Chin), U1100- Golden Gang (Ivan Volvnyk, Bernice Li, Pierce Harvey)

2nd Place 1100+ - R to D2 (Choco Chen, Jody Chen, David Dunikov), U1100- Avenues (Sourya Gurram, Charles Guffie,  Abbott Smith)  

3rd Place 1100+ Dark Knights (Jack Faissal, Preston Ng, Glib Dunikov), U1100 - Fork Knight (Philippe Krasnov, Sylvie Vanderbilt, Lance Wolf) 

Best Team Spirit 1100+ R to D2, U1100 - Two Guys and Another Guy
Best School Team 1100+ Black MaChin3 (NEST+m), U1100 - Golden Gang (NEST+m)
Perfect Scores 1100+ Jody Chen,  U1100- Philippe Krasnov, Bernice Li, Abbott Smith

Congratulations to All! 



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