Friday, December 27, 2019

NEST+m Chess Goes to Disney...and wins 2 National Titles!

On December 12-15, 28 NEST+m students competed at the USCF 2019 National Grade Championship in Orlando, FL. Over 1700 scholastic players from around the United States competed! The team was led by coaches IM Giorgi Bakhtadze and GM Tamaz Gelashvilli.

NEST+m: National K-6 Blitz Champions!
Congratulations to Spencer Chin (7th place), Romir Mukherjee (13th place) Oliver Ma and Zachery Yim for taking 1st place!

Min Hee Chong

1st grade:
David Dunikov (11th place) and Victoria Yim.

2nd grade: 9th place team in the United States! 
Anthony Zhu, Sophie Ma, Amelia Cotler and Arabella Fang.

3rd grade: National Champions—1st place team in the United States!
Glib Dunikov (t-20th), Isabella Zhu, Connor Chin (1st place U1200), Zachery Yim, Zachery Ng, Jack Faissal (8th place) and Liam Chan (t-20th).

4th grade: 3rd place team in the United States!
Eloise Roberts, Ryan Ma, Dylan Kang, Kai Tsuboyama (t-20th) and Thomas Murphy (1st place U1200).

5th grade: 3rd place team in the United States!
Spencer Chin (t-2nd), Dale Cotler, Oliver Ma, Romir Mukherjee, Rhys Black and Preston Ng.

6th grade:
Dylan Ma (t-15th) and Matthew Dinglasan

7th grade:
Matthew Chin (2nd place U1400)