Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Year End Party, Spring Fair Pics and Tournament Result!


Please RSVP for the End of Year Chess Party on Tuesday, 6/19 from 6-8pm in the NEST+m cafeteria.  We are thrilled to have well-known coach and author Bruce Pandolfini as our guest speaker.  Bruce was also portrayed in the chess movie "Searching For Bobby Fischer" many years ago.  We look forward to welcoming Bruce to our school followed by friendly blitz games with our coaches.   Also, we will be debuting our new NEST+m chess jackets which will be available for sale for $35.   No more feeling cold in those tournament halls!



Congratulations to Glib Dunikov who took 2nd place on June 10th at the Tri-State Chess tournament in Bryant Park.  Team finished 4th.

Monday, June 4, 2018

June 3 - Summer Tournament Results and Pics!

Congratulations to the nearly 60 NEST+m students who participated in our 4th and final school-hosted tournament of the year.  A special thanks to the parent volunteers, our coach Giorgi, the school custodial staff, and school administration for their support.

No Score: Elizabeth Borisoff, Max Trias, David Troshnin.

Novice 1:Lucas Paula-Timbie (3rd), Xiaoran Guo (5th), Amaru Wong (6th), Owen Pang (7th), Isabella Zhu (8th), Gabriel Abegg (9th), Wesley Lesko-Hebert, Grace Chen, Jinsean Lu, Theodore Hoelscher, Summer Shih, Keanu Wong, Tyler Neugebauer, Mazhira Harlan. 1st place. team.

Novice 2: Maxim Soskin (3rd), Jaylen Chen (9th). 1st place team.

K-1: Bernice Li (3rd), Glib Dunikov (4th), Gabriella Dotov (5th), Jake Wu (9th), Anthony Zhu, Arabella Fang, Aaryav Nagda. 1st place team.

Primary: Rolan Soskin (4th), Jordan Sawwan, Matteo Minutello, Jacob Almeida-Batallas. 2nd place team.

Elementary: Joshua Duca-Evans (4th), Liam Chan (7th), Marco Mendez, Zachery Ng, Ryan Peng, Amelia Cotler, Kyler Chiu. 1st place team.

Reserve: Victor Dotov (7th)

Classic: Preston Ng (co-champion), Jack Faissal (co-champion), Rhys Black, Dale Cotler, Maya Nozaki, Kai Tsuboyama. 1st place team.

Open: Nicolas Shulga, Maggie Stacey

Championship: Ryan Chen, Romir Mukherjee