Sunday, April 30, 2017

4/30 NEST+m Tournament-Results and Pics!

We had FOUR three perfect 4/4 performances today at our final NEST+m tournament!!

Congratulations to Morgan Sweeney, who took 1st place in Reserve with a 4/4 score!

Congratulations as well to Eloise Roberts who took 1st place in K-1 with a perfect 4/4!

Zachery Ng won 1st place in Novice 1 with 4/4!

Preston Ng won 1st place in Primary with a perfect 4/4!

Also in Primary--Victor Dotov finished in 5th place; Jack Faissal from K also contributed to that team's 1st place finish!

Our Novice 2 team took 1st place! Sonam Paroda, Alice Roberts and Eisei Kori

 In Novice 1, Zachery Ng took 1st place as did the NEST+m team featuring Gabriella Dotov, Albert Tsybulski, Emma Perez Maturen, Joseph Sawwan, Joshua Duca-Evans, Micah Cho and Rolan Soskin

In K-1, Liam took 10th place! Also contributing to the team win were Jonathan Huang, Marco Mendez, Siddarth Shirke, Lilavati Shirke and Eloise Roberts!

Ksenia Volovnyk took 2nd, Joshua Dai (3pts) took 8th place, Ryan Peng took 5th place and Mark Tsybulski took 10th place in Booster. Ezra Schellenberg, Henry Borredon Shmurun, Kabir Madan, Julia Lin and Niko Chin all contributed to the 1st place team effort!

Very strong performance as Spencer Chin took 3rd place and Jai Shah took 10th!

Our fantastic parent volunteers!

Kai and Morgan warming up before Rd4

4/28 Columbia Grammar Tournament

Dylan placed 3rd out of 37 kids in Reserve with 3.5 points on April 28th at the Columbia Grammar tournament.  

Monday, April 24, 2017

4/23 Avenues Tournament Results and Pics!

Great job by Dylan Ma who finished with 2.5/3 in Future Masters and took 4th place!

Congratulations as well to Morgan Sweeney who finished in 8th place in Reserve!

And congratulations to Eloise Roberts who took home 7th place in K-1!