Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thank you for the extra help!

A HUGE thank you to the NEST+m parents who earned a $2,500 community engagement grant from their employer by volunteering time to support the NEST+M chess tournament on Nov 18th:  Debanjali Mitra, Kathy Paul, Robert Davenport, Alex Zhang, Stephen Schachterle, and Kevin Murphy

Sunday, November 18, 2018

11/18/18 NEST+m Fall Tournament Results and Pics!

Congratulations to the 60+ NEST+M students who participated in our first tournament of the school year.  Our school hosted a record number of competitors (~300)! Thank you to the our coaches (Giorgi and Ana), volunteers, school staff and families who made this all possible.  It was great to see so many returning faces and new friends as well!

Our competitors included:
Championship section: Romir Mukherjee

Open: Jack Faissal, Preston Ng and Maggie Stacey

Classic: Matthew Chin (Co-Champion, 1st place) and Morgan Sweeney (Co-Champion, 2nd place).  Liam Chan, Rhys Black, Kai Tsuboyama and Thomas Murphy. 1st place team.

Reserve: Ksenia Volovnyk (4th place), Dale Cotler, Victor Dotov, Arkady Kokush, Marco Mendez, Andrew Tsai and Joshua Duca Evans. 1st place team.

Elementary: Youran Zhao (Co-Champion), Mark Chklovskii (Co-Champion), Julian Huang (Co-Champion). Glib Dunikov (10th), Zachery Yim, Julia Lin, Arabella Fan, Eloise Roberts, Rolan Soskin, Zachery Ng and Aneel Mittal. 1st place team.

Primary: Ivan Volovnyk (Co-Champion), Jacob Almeida-Batallas (6th), Maxim Soskin (10th), Micah Cho, Arjun Gururaja, Gabriella Dotov, Leiland Olson.  1st place team.

K-1: Anthony Zhu (3rd), David Dunikov (6th), Jinsean Lu (10th), Vedant Gaonkar, KC Murphy, Atharva Gupta and Leonardo Colasuonno.

Novice 2: Isabella Zhu (3rd), Bernard Salinas-Sandler (5th), Max Tsung, Jaylen Chen, Theodore Hoelscher, Zain Nasar, Luke Seigel, Robert Chen. 1st place team.

Novice 1: Aaron Chen (Champion), Amaru Wong, Bella Chen, Keanu Wong, Pierce Harvey, Daniel Xiang, Max Trias, Annika Wahlquist, Kai Osminkina-Jones, Sonai Ratushny, Taisiya Slootskiy, Ethan Quinn.

No Score: Victoria Yim, Malcolm Geller, Quiana Huang, Henry Park.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

11/11 Q300 Tournament Pic

Congratulations to the students who represented NEST+m at Q300 today!