Sunday, April 14, 2019

4/14 Tri-State Chess Results and Pics!


Glib Dunikov - 1st place Advanced
Liam Chan - 2nd place Advanced
David Dunikov - 3rd place Reserve

NEST+m Team 1st place Advanced Section.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

4/7/19 NYS Girls Championship!

Congratulations to the NEST+m girls who participated in the NY State Girls Championship at Columbia Grammar Prep School.

Natalia Zduniewicz, Margaret Stacey. 3rd Place Team. Open Championship

Ksenia Volovnyk, K-6 Championship

Sophie Ma (3rd place), Amelia Cotler (8th place), Arabella Fang, Bianca Faissal, Annika Wahlquist, Raquel Faissal, Vitoria Yim. 2nd Place Team. K-1 Championship

Maya Nozaki, 5th place. K-12 U1200

Eloise Roberts, Isabella Zhu, Julia Lin. K-6 U900

4/17/19 Avenues Tournament Results and Pics!

Congratulations to the NEST+m players who made a strong showing at today's Avenues Tournament!
Partial results reported at this time:

Thomas Murphy, 5th place, Classic
Max Trias, 1st Place, Novice 1
KC Murphy, K-1
Bernice Li, 3rd place, Primary
Rhys Back (7th place), Morgan Sweeney, Jack Faissal, 3rd place team. Future Masters
Glib Dunikov (1st place), Liam Chan, Evan Zhou (4th) and Aneel Mittal. Reserve
David Dunikov, 5th place, Booster

NEST+m 1st place team - Booster and Reserve