Wednesday, December 21, 2016

National K-12 Grade Championships!

NEST+m sent several students to Grade Nationals Dec 16-18, led by coach Ms. Ana Izoria.

A short handed 2nd grade team consisting of Rhys Black, Spencer Chin and Romir Mukherjee took home the National Third Place Trophy for 2nd Grade! This is a very impressive result considering teams are allowed up to four members.

Spencer Chin also won 6 out of 7 games and finished in 4th place individually in the 2nd grade category.

Romir Mukherjee won 5.5 points and finished in 7th place in the 2nd grade category.

Congratulations to Spencer and Romir!

6th grader Caden Li Jung also took home a trophy, winning 5 out of 6 matches. Way to go, Caden!

In other sections:
Kai Tsuboyama and Ryan Ma combined for 7 points and 15th place as a team in 1st grade.
Dylan Ma won 5 out of 7 games in 3rd grade.
Jai Shah won 4 out of 7 games and Matthew Chin finished with 3.5 points in 4th grade
Arnav Shah won 2 points in 7th grade.

Pics from Grade Nationals Dec 16-18, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov 27 Avenues Thanksgiving Tournament!

NEST +m won a team trophy on Classic represented by Spencer Chin, Jai Shah & Matthew Chin. Spencer won all three games, got the first place trophy after blitz playoff. Jai won the trophy of Best Match.

Dylan Kang was at the Avenues Thanksgiving chess tournament and was the only kid from NEST+m in the K-1 section.  He placed 8th out of 16 kids with 2.5 points (2 wins, 1 draw).

Morgan Sweeney at Avenues Tournament.

Congratulations to All!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PS116 and Spence All Girls Tournament results!

Congratulations to NEST+m players who represented at the PS116 tournament on November 6:
Romir Mukherjee, 6th place Open (1.5)
Spencer Chin, 7th place Classic (2)
Rhys Black, 2nd place Primary with (3)

Congratulations as well to Morgan Sweeney who took 1st place at the Spence All Girls Tournament on November 19th!

Monday, November 21, 2016

NEST+m Nov 20 Tournament Results!

Thank you to everyone who attended our NEST+m Fall Tournament on Nov 22, 2016.  We hosted our largest ever tournament with over 250 players, including 75+ from NEST+m!


Congratulations to our No Score participants: Marco Mendez, Zachery Ng, Emma Perez Maturen, Arjun Gururaja, Ivan Volovnyk, Gabriella Dotov, Hudson McDermon, Aiden Perez, Mimi Cotler and Henry Shi!

Our students took home 1st place in the Novice 1 category!  Congratulations to Jacob Almeida-Batallas (1st place), Karissa Chiu, Eloise Roberts, Albert Tsybulski, Jack Faissal, Evan Lee, Elsa Reisman, Valli Subramanian, Malcolm Dash, Lucas Paula-Timbie, Paisley Park, Micah Cho, Matteo Minutello, Sebastian Marcus, Dylan Damoiseau, Perry Lam, Saher Sakhpara and Nathaniel Horne.

NEST+m students also took home the 1st place team prize in Novice 2! Congrats to Eisei Kori, Mark Tsybulski, Leo Purushothaman, Preston Ng, Jake Donahue, Mateo Paula-Timbie, Denis Rayzberg, Finn Brewer, Henry Borredon Shmurun, Samuel Shottes, Daniel Alimov, Maya Gourianov, Maya Haraguchi, Sparsh Potti, and Atharva Das.

In K-1, our team also took first place!  Congratulations to Siddarth Shirke (1st place), Ezra Schellenberg, Lilavati Shirke and Dylan Kang.

In Booster, our kids again took 1st place as a team, with contributions from Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt, Ryan Peng, Dale Cotler, Ksenia Volovnyk, Noah Goodman, Oliver Luo, Anish Sundraraj, Jack Luebbers, Aadi Jain, Niko Chin, Dia Vyas, Oliver Ma, Joshua Dai, Akshaya Sundraraj, Liam McAniff, Frank Khayut,

NEST+m took home a team 1st place trophy in Primary!  Congrats to Kai Tsuboyama (1st place), Daniel Jin, Kyler Chiu, Arkady Kokush, Rhys Black, Victor Dotov, Andrew Tsai and William Shi.

Congrats to Arnav Shah and Oliver Hua, our two representatives in Reserve!

In Classic, we had strong performances from: Spencer Chin, Jai Shah, Maya Nozaki and Matthew Chin.

In Open, NEST+m was represented by Romir Mukherjee and Ryan Chen.

In Championship, Fikirte Hunt and Charles Hua represented the school.

Congratulations to everyone!

NEST+m Nov 20 Tournament Pics 1/2

NEST+m Nov 20 Tournament Pics 2/2!