Thursday, March 15, 2018

NYS All Girls Chess Championship @ NEST+M on 4/14-4/15!!

Dear NEST+m Chess families,

NEST+m will host NYS All-Girls Championship on April 14-15.
The registration is now open.  We'd love to see all the chess girls from NEST+m.

We need many parents volunteers to make this event successful!  Please sign up to volunteer for NYS All-Girls Championship.

The food sales will raise money and hosting such an event will also likely provide good publicity for the school.

Please join us!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3/11 - Manhattan Day School Chess Championship XII by Tri-State Chess

Manhattan Day School Chess Championship XII by Tri-State Chess

NEST+m was represented by Dylan Ma, Ryan Ma, Sophie Ma, Victor (Vito) Dotov and Gabriella (Gabby) Dotov.

Second Place team trophy in Advanced Under 1000: Vito Dotov 4th Place trophy and Ryan Ma, 6th place.

Novice Under 600: Gabby Dotov 5th Place trophy, Sophie Ma.


Monday, March 12, 2018

New York State Scholastic Championship Results and Pics!

Congratulations to the nearly 20 NEST+m students and families who traveled to Saratoga Springs on March 10-11 for the 51st Annual NYS Scholastic Championships.  This year, over 1,200 students competed!

K-1 Reserve: Arabella Fang, KC Murphy, Amelia Cotler (4th place)
K-1 Championship: Zachery Ng, Jack Faissal (2nd place)
K-5 Reserve: Liam Chan, Tamir Yevdayev, Dale Cotler
Primary Championship: Dylan Kang, Rhys Black, Preston Ng, Kai Tsuboyama. (5th Place Team)
Primary Reserve: Eloise Roberts (4th place)
Elementary Intermediate: Maya Nozaki
Middle School Intermediate: Margaret Stacey
Jr High Championship: David Alan Smolansky, Ryan Chen

Sunday, March 4, 2018

NEST+m March 4 Spring Tournament Results and Pics!

Championship: Spencer Chin (7th), Momoca Mairaj, Alan Smolansky

Open: Ryan Chen (5th), Jai Shah (10th), Romir Mukherjee

Classic: Jack Faissal (3rd), Matthew Chin (4th), Preston Ng (5th), Rhys Black (6th), Kai Tsuboyama (8th), Maggie Stacy, Teja Siddaramaiah. NEST+m 1st place team!

Reserve: Oliver Ma, Arkady Kokush

Elementary Ksenia Volovnyk (1st), Liam Chan (2nd), Dale Cotler (6th), Andrew Tsai (8th), Joshua Duca-Evans (10th), Zachery Ng, Jordan Sawwan, Frank Khayut, Joseph Sawwan.

Primary: Eloise Roberts (1st), Megan Khayut (3rd), Maximilian Rykaczewski, Jacob Almeida-Batallas, Henry Shmurun Borredon, Adrian Li. NEST+m 1st place team!

K-1: Arjun Gururaja (1st), Amelia Cotler (2nd), Ivan Volovnyk (8th), Bernice Li, Glib Dunikov, Jake Wu. NEST+m 1st place team!

Novice 2: Rolan Soskin (2nd), Matteo Minutello (5th), Siddarth Shirke, Lilavati Shirke.

Novice 1: Bernard Almeida-Batallas(1st), Aaryav Nagda (2nd), Anthony Zhu(4th), Zain Nasar (5th), Isabella Zhu (7th), Dylan Daimoiseau (8th), Charlie Debson (9th),  Jinsean Lu (10th), Shai Arbisser, Gabriel Abegg, Theodore Hoelscher, Gretta Adams, Liam Collins.