Sunday, March 24, 2019

3/24 PS41 results and pics

Congratulations to the NEST+m students who represented us at the PS41 tournament!

Novice K-1: Max Trias (4th place), Annika Wahlquist 
Juniors: KC (9th place)
Reserve: Arabella Fang, Eloise Roberts, Aneel Mittal
Championship: Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

NYS Scholastic Chess Championships Results and Pics!

Congrats to the nearly 20 NEST+m team members who made the trek to Saratoga Springs for the NY State Scholastic Chess Championships!

Junior High U900: Zachery Ng, Eloise Roberts

Elementary Championship: Matthew Chin, Jai Shah, Preston Ng, Rhys Black. 7th place!

Elementary U600: Isabella Zhu

Primary Championship: Jack Faissal (2nd!), Dylan Kang, Kai Tsuboyama, Thomas Murphy, Liam Chan. 4th place team!

Primary U800: Anthony Zhu (9th!), Zachery Yim

K-1 U400: KC Murphy, Annika Wahlquist, Victoria Yim, Bianca Faissal, Raquel Faissal. 7th place team!

Monday, March 4, 2019

March 3 NEST+m Tournament Results and Pics!

Nearly 50 NEST+m students participated in our 2019 Spring Tournament!  In total, the school hosted 225 players -- another successful event!  Thank you to all who participated and especially to our Parent Volunteers who donated coffee, donuts, ice, made food runs, and helped sell goods.

NEST+m was represented well at all levels of the tournament!

No Score: Max Fajardo, Hayden Hsiung, Jacqueline McDermon.

Novice 1: Daniel Xiang (2nd), Quiana Huang (4th), Pierce Harvey (7th), Ethan Quinn (8th), Max Trias (10th), Kai Osmikina-Jones, Sarabeth Chin, Uma Blankinship, Julien Steele. 1st place team!

Novice 2: Mila Hsiung, Hudson McDermon, Mala Blankinship. 1st place team!

K-1: Vedant Gaonkar (4th), Jinsean Lu (7th), Annika Wahlquist (8th), Bianca Faissal (12th), Raquel Faissal.

Primary: Isabella Zhu (7th), Maxim Soskin, Rolan Soskin, Micah Cho, Aaron Chen. 1st place team!

Elementary: Aneel Mittal, Ivan Volovnyk, Anthony Zhu. 1st place team!

Reserve: Connor Chin (Co-Champion!), Evan Zhao (4th), Glib Dunikov, Arkady Kokush, Julian Huang, Eloise Roberts, Zachery Ng, Mark Chklovskii. 1st place team!

Classic: Joshua Duca-Evans, Oliver Ma, Liam Chan, Dale Cotler, Ksenia Volovnyk, Rhys Black.

Open: Matther Chin (8th), Preston Ng, Jai Shah, Kai Tsuboyama, Jack Faissal.

Championship: Natalia Zduniewicz.