Sunday, January 28, 2018

1/28/18 NEST+m Winter Tournament Results and Pics!

Congratulations to the 68 NEST+m students who participated in today's tournament.  We had a record-setting 234 participants overall!

Championship Section: Momoca Mairaj (3rd), Charles Hua, Spencer Chin, Ryan Chen

Open: Jai Shah, Romir Mukherjee, Dylan Kang. NEST+m 1st place team!

Classic: Rhys Black (5th), Margaret Stacey(8th), Maya Nozaki, Jack Faissal,  Preston Ng, Matthew Chin.  NEST+m 1st place team!

Reserve: Victor Dotov (6th)

Elementary: Oliver Ma (6th), Ksenia Volovnyk (8th), Dale Cotler, Andrew Tsai, Julia Lin, Niko Chin, Sarah Lin.  NEST+m 1st place team!

Primary: Liam Chan (Co-Champion!), Eloise Roberts (7th), Adrian Li (10th), Jacob Almeida-Batallas, Henry Shmurun Borredon, Jonathan Huang, Kabir Madan. NEST+m 1st place team!

K-1: Zachery Ng (5th), Marco Mendez (8th), Amelia Cotler (9th), Joshua Duca-Evans (10th), Gabriella Dotov, Ivan Volovnyk, Arjun Gururaja, Mila Hendley, Arabella Fang, ZAIN NASAR. NEST+m 1st place team!

Novice 2: Rolan Soskin (4th), Sid Shirke (6th), Matteo Minutello (8th), Jaden Tan (9th), Jordan Sawwan, Luca Giacobbi, Saher Sakhpara, Joseph Sawwan, James Tan, Ava Roscishewska.

Novice 1: Bernice Li (1st place!), Glib Dunikov (4th), Theodore Hoelscher (5th), Atharva Gupta (6th), Jake Wu (7th), Ethan Quinn (8th), Louisa James Logue (9th), Ryan Saleem, Charlie Debson, Aaryav Nagda, Isabella Zhu, Mazzy Harlan, Alexandra Wong. NEST+m 1st place team!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sun Jan 21 - Avenues Winter Tournament Results!

NEST+m had over 10 players at the Avenues Winter Tournament; here are some preliminary results!

Congratulations to Liam Chan who finished 4/4 for 1st place and Champion in the Primary U600 section.

In K-1, Zachery Ng finished 4/4 for 1st place!

In Reserve, NEST+m Team took 1st place!
Preston Ng finished with 4/4 and was Co-Champion!  Rhys Black finished 3.5/4 for 4th place.  Morgan Sweeney finished with 3/4 and sixth place! Way to go, team!

Pics below courtesy of Joseph Ng--thank you!

NEST+m Winter Tournament - January 28!

Hi everyone,

Please sign up for our NEST+m chess tournament on January 28th!
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More info in the attached flyer.

Also, we'd love to have more volunteers help us sell food and drinks! All profits go towards funding the chess program, instruction, team rooms and tournament coaching.
We also have created a slot for boxed coffee donations if families can pick up a Box of Joe at Dunkin Donuts and drop off in the am, anytime between 8:30am and 10am.  Thanks in advance!

See you on the 28th!

Sat Jan 20 results and two more City Championship pics!

Congratulations to kindergartener Arabella Fang who took 2nd place at the Spence All Girls Tournament - 1st grade section!

Liam Chan took 1st Place at the All Souls Tournament - Swiss B section with a perfect 4/4!

Kai Tsuboyama finished in 2nd place at All Souls - Championship Section

And, here are two pics of the Elementary Team from the City Championships!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 City Championships - More Pics!

2018 City Championship Results and Pics!

Dear Chess Families,

Despite frigid temps, 53 NEST+m students ventured out to play in the Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championships in a heated competition among the finest NYC schools.  As always, our players fought hard and perservered through the ups and downs of the weekend. 

The NEST+m chess tradition continues on as we celebrate successes from both the team and individual players!  Thank you to the players, parents and coaches for all your support. 

2018 NEST+m team trophies include:
2nd Place Team - Elementary Championship (Davis Zong, Charles Hua, Dylan Ma, Jai Shah, Eric Tang, Nicolas Shulga, Matthew Chin, Maya Nozaki)
5th Place Team  - Primary Championship (Rhys Black, Dylan Kang, Spencer Chin, Oliver Hua, Ryan Ma)
3rd Place Team  - Primary U600 (Zachery Ng, Liam Chan, Joshua Dai, Henry Borredon Shmurun, Eloise Roberts, Joshua Duca-Evans, Adrian Li)
3rd Place Team  - K-1 U400 (Ivan Volovnyk, Arjun Gururaja, KC Murphy, Arabella Fang, Glib Dunikov, Amelia Cotler, Sophie Ma, Atharva Gupta)

Individual Trophy Winners:
2nd Place - Davis Zong - Elementary Championship
5th Place- Charles Hua - Elementary Championship
8th Place- Kai Tsuboyama- Elementary U1100
5th Place- Jack Faissal - K-1 Championship
3rd Place and CO-CHAMPION- Ivan Volovnyk - K-1 U400 with a perfect 5.0 score! 
11th Place- Arjun Gururaja - K-1 U400
6th Place - Fikirte Hunt - HS Championship

Honorable mentions with 4 out 5 wins:  Julia Lin (Elem U700), Zachery Ng, Liam Chan, and Joshua Dai (Primary U600), 

(Also thank you to Makoto Nozaki for this summary:)

Now the tournament has been rated and re-rated so I'd like to mention these players' rating increased by more than 100 points:


Also these players achieved upsets over 200:

RHYS MALCOLM BLACK (958) beat an opponent (1212) and another opponent (1169)
MAYA NOZAKI (1121) beat an opponent (1460)
NICOLAS SHULGA (1285) beat an opponent (1617)
MATTHEW CHIN (1118) beat an opponent (1371)
JAI SHAH (1356) beat an opponent (1574)
VICTOR ALEXANDER DOTOV (805) beat an opponent (1006)

Thank you to Joseph Ng for this pic library:

And now for the rest submitted by our parents!