Monday, February 27, 2017

More pics -- New York State Girls Championship

Ksenia and Hope. Each lady finished with 3 out of 5.  Congratulations!

Julia Lin in action!

Congrats to Morgan who took 3rd in the K-6 U900 division!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feb 26 - New York State Girls Championships!

Congratulations to our players!!

Morgan Sweeney took third place in K-6 under 900. 

Maya Nozaki took tenth place in K-3 championship. 

The team in K-3 under 600 tied for 6th place and took 8th on tiebreaks. There were five players competing in that section - Ksenia Volovnyk, Julia Lin, Hope Hasicka, Dia Vyas and Eloise Roberts.

Eloise won 2nd place Unrated - in the K-3, under 600.

Feb 26 - PS116 Tournament Results and Pics!

We had several participants at the PS116 tournament:

Congratulations to Matthew Chin, who won 1st place in the Reserve section!

A big round of applause to Zachary Ng who won 6th place and Amelia Cotler who got 9th place in the Novice 1 section!

Congratulations to Preston Ng, who got 10th place and Dale Cotler who earned 9th place in the Primary section. 

Spencer Chin and Romir Mukherjee both scored 2 out of 3 in Open at PS116. Spencer placed 7th and Romir placed 8th.

Well done everyone!!

Feb 17 - Columbia Grammar Tournament!

Congratulations to Dylan Kang, who won 4 out of 4 games while taking 1st place at the Columbia Grammar chess tournament in the 2nd-3rd grade section on Feb 17th.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 4-5 City Championships! (Pics)

Feb 4-5 City Championship - Results!!

K-1 U400
Ezra Schellenberg was Co-Champion, with a perfect 5/5 score (on tiebreakers, 3rd place).
Dylan Kang placed 11th with 4/5 points.
Marco Mendez finished with 2 points.
Arjun Gururaja finished with 1 point.
Gabriella Dotov (Kindergarten) achieved her first competitive tournament game win.

K-1 Championship
Kai Tsuboyama finished with 4.5 points and placed 8th.
Ryan Ma finished with 3/5 points.

Primary U1000
In Primary Under 1000 section, NEST+m is the City Co-Champion, settling for a 2nd place team trophy on tie breakers. Oliver Hua, Daniel Jin, Kyler Chiu, Patrick Tang, Rhys Black, Victor Dotov and Andrew Tsai played on the team. 

Oliver Hua's perfect 5 out of 5 performance also earned him the individual City Champ title in the same section. Daniel Jin's 4 out 5 is good enough to tie for 5th place, winning a 12th place trophy on tie breakers. 

Primary Championships
The NEST+m Primary Championships team finished in 1st place, 2.5 points ahead the nearest team.  
The City Primary Champions are:
Spencer Chin (5th overall)
Dylan Ma (6th overall)
Romir Mukherjee (14th overall)
Maya Nozaki (25th overall)

Elementary Championships
NEST+m's team is the City Elementary Team Champion!
Team members included: Charles Hua (3rd overall), Davis Zong (5th overall), Eric Tang (3.5), Momoca Mairaj, Jai Shah and Matthew Chin.

JH Under 1300
Arnav Shah scored 3/5

High School Championship
3rd place team - NEST+m
Mubassar Uddin
Teseo Torras
Jack Wen
Markus Pond
Jacob Barayev

Primary U600
Preston Ng -- 1st place, unrated

Also, Hope Hasicka finished with 3.5/5