Friday, December 29, 2017

Upcoming City Championships and Grade Nationals Pic Compilation

Good luck next weekend to nearly 50 NEST+m students who will be participating in the Greater NY Scholastic Chess Championship (aka the City Championships) on January 6-7, 2018.
Please follow this link for more information:

In addition, thanks to Joseph Ng (father of Zachery and Preston) for sharing terrific pics of the Grade Nationals event earlier this month.   Be sure to check out all the pics including this one of the great chess swag (pencil case with NEST+m chess logo) donated by KC Murphy's parents! 

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

More Pics from Grade Nationals!

1st graders Liam, Gabby and Zachery

2nd graders Eloise, Kai, Dylan and Ryan


Spencer, Preston and Romir

Monday, December 11, 2017

12/8-12/10/17 U.S. Grade Nationals Results and Photos!

This past weekend, 24 lower and middle school kids participated in the K-12 Grade Nationals in Orlando. The kids competed in 7 intense games over 3 days and yet managed to have a lot of fun. We also celebrated the 5th birthday of one of our littlest players, Arabella, while we were there!! Here are the winners who received trophies in various sections:

2nd Grade - 6th Place Team Trophy
Dylan Kang (5.0), Kai Tsuboyama (5.0), Ryan Ma (4.0), and Eloise Roberts (3.0)

3rd Grade - 4th Place team Trophy
Spencer Chin (6.5), Romir Mukherjee (5.0), Rhys Black (3.5), Preston Ng (3.5), Dale Cotler (3.5)

Individual Trophies:
Romir Mukherjee - 3rd grade, 19th place

AND THE STAR OF THE EVENT: SPENCER CHIN (3rd grade NATIONAL CO-CHAMPION with a whopping 6.5 points)!!!!

Spencer very quickly earned himself a Tweet on US Chess's twitter page!

Other honorable mentions: Kindergarten team (6th place) and 7th grade team (7th place).

Congrats to all players, everyone is a winner. Competition was brutal, our teams, despite smaller presence than other NYC teams, showed real strength. Thank you to our coaches Ana and Lily for the long hours and always being there to energize the kids.

Also, a reminder, registration for City Championships (Jan 6-7, 2018) is now open at We hope we will have strong teams participating in all sections! Let's make this a big turnout and bring home even more success for our chess team.

Our all girls Kindergarten Team! Way to go KC, Mimi, Arabella and Sophie!

Mimi is famous!

2nd Grade Team - 6th place

Some members of the 3rd Grade Team - 4th place

2nd Grade Team again

Spencer Chin, 3rd Grade - U.S. National Co-Champion!

3rd graders

Most of the Team - Photo before Round 1

Romir and Coach Ana Izoria 

Last minute group hug before Round 1 

Dale, Romir and Spencer with Coach Ana Izoria

Happy 5th birthday Arabella!

Romir, 3rd Grade- 19th place

Way to Go Spencer!

Coach Lily with Dale, Mimi and Noa.  Vito and dad Alex in the background with Coach Ana.

Noa getting an early start

Coaches Lily, Ana and Elina


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Photos from Grade Nationals Prep Session!

Twenty-four NEST+m students are headed to the U.S. Grade Nationals Tournament in Orlando from 12/8/17-12/10/17.

Several team members attended a prep session with our coach IM Giorgi Bakhtadze on 12/2/17.

Thank you Giorgi and Good Luck NEST+m!

12/3/17 Hunter Results! And 12/2/17 Epiphany

NEST+m had several representatives at the December 3rd Hunter Tournament.

KC Murphy took 6th place with 3/4 in Novice K-1, and teammates Ethan Quinn (1.5) and Joshua Duca-Evans (2) also had solid showings.

Clea Steinberg finished with 1/0 in Novice 2.

Jack Faisal finished with 2.5pts in Reserve.

Romir Mukherjee finished with 2/3 in Future Masters.

Congratulations to all!


In addition, on Saturday, 12/2/17, Liam Chan took 1st in the K-1 U600 category at Epiphany.  Congrats Liam!