Sunday, November 19, 2017

11/19/17 NEST+m Fall Tournament Results and Pics!

NEST+m represented well at its first tournament of the year, with over 50 students!

Thank you to our coaches Giorgi Bakhtadze and Laila Faerman and our many, many parent volunteers who sold food and merchandise, made food runs, and helped the tournament run as smoothly as possible.

Mark your calendars for our Winter tournament on January 28, 2018!

Results summary:
Championship section.  Spencer Chin and Alan Smolansky, both t-4th.  NEST+m 3rd place team.

Classic.  Kai Tsuboyama (9th), Dylan Kang and Arnav Shah.

Elementary. Ksenia Volovnyk (4th), Victor Dotov, Dale Cotler, Niko Chin, Sarah Lin, Frank Khayut.

K-1. Joshua Duca-Evans (1st place), Arjun Gururaja (5th), Marco Mendez (7th), Gabby Dotov (8th), Ivan Volovnyk and KC Murphy. NEST+m First Place Team!

No Score. Milo Chin, Sophie Ma, Zain Nasar, Aaryav Nagda, Alexandra Wong, Kish Aneel, Vedant Gaonkar.

Novice1. Zachery Ng (1st), Bernice Li (2nd), Jake Wu (5th), Arabella Fang (6th),  Ethan Quinn (7th), Henry Shi (9th), Mimi Cotler (t-11th)

Novice2. Adrian Li, Jordan Sawwan, Anastasia Prokofyeva, Joseph Sawwan, Valli Subramanian, Clea Steinberg.

Open. Romir Mukherjee, Dylan Ma, Jai Shah.

Primary. Liam Chan (t-2nd), Eloise Roberts(t-2nd), Julia Lin(t-2nd), Batallas Almeida (t-2nd), Joshua Dai (10th), Megan Khayut, Henry Borredon Shmurun, William Shi, Sparsh Potti.

Reserve. Preston Ng (3rd), Morgan Sweeney (5h), Jack Faissal (6th), Ryan Ma (7th), Oliver Ma, Arkady Kokush, Rhys Black, Andrew Tsai. NEST+M First Place Team!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

11/12-Susan Polgar Tournament Results and Pics!

K-2 Girls
KC and Arabella won a K-2 girls second place team trophy! Girl power!

K-2 Boys
Dylan Kang won 1st place!
Jack Faissal took 6th place!

Dylan Kang, Jack Faissal, and Liam Chan won 1st place.

3rd - 5th Boys
2nd place individual - Romir Mukherjee 
2nd place team - NEST+m (Romir Mukherjee and Rhys Black)

K - 12 Blitz
3rd place -Davis Zong
10th place - Romir Mukherjee 

6th - 8th Girls
2nd place individual - Margaret Stacey

Saturday, November 11, 2017

11/11-11/12 Results and Pics!

A lot of chess going on this weekend!

Susan Polgar Tournament

Congrats also to Hope who won 3 out of 4 games and earned a medal at PS 11

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Morning Chess Pics!

Congratulations and thank you to parents Amelia and Vinit for launching Thursday morning chess!

Monday, November 6, 2017

11/4-11/5 More results and pics!

Liam Chan came in 2nd in K-1 U500 at PS163 and 3rd place in K-2 u600 at Tri-State chess.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

11/4 Result - Columbia Grammar tournament

Dylan Kang won 2 out of 3 games in the Premier section at CGPS getting a second place trophy.