Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2020 Greater NYC Scholastic Chess Championship Results & Pics!

Thirty-five students from NEST+m participated in the "Cities" Championship on February 1 & 2, 2020. This was one of the biggest turnouts of the year for NEST+m. Thank you to our coaches Tamar, Tamaz and Ana and parent coordinator Natasha!

K-1 Championship:
David Dunikov (5th place)

K-1 U400:
Jonathan Kogan (15th place)

Primary Championship (2nd place team):
Glib Dunikov (15th place), Jack Faissal, Evan Zhao, Connor Chin, Liam Chan, Arabella Fang, Isabella Zhu, Anthony Zhu, Sophie Ma

Primary U1000:
Bernice Li (13th place), Zachery Ng, Pierce Harvey, Amelia Cotler

Elementary Championship:
Dylan Kang, Kai Tsuboyama, Rhys Black, Thomas Murphy, Ryan Ma

Elementary U1500:
Preston Ng (4th place), 

Elementary U1100:
Aneel Mittal

Elementary U700:
James Tan (1st place, unrated), Jaden Tan

Junior High Championship (1st place team): 
Spencer Chin (6th place), Charles Hua (7th place), Robert Shibata (15th place), Dylan Ma, Matthew Dinglasan, Jai Shah

Junior High U1300 (1st place team):
Oliver Hua (1st place), Andrew Tsai (8th place), Maya Nozaki, Oliver Ma, Dale Cotler

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